Our curriculum includes a variety of balanced activities that promote language, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical developments. Our low ratio of teachers to children enables us to form close relationships with children, plan exciting and meaningful curriculum, and truly support their learning. In addition to daily classroom activities, we also offer enrichment classes in music, dancing, drawing, Chinese (Mandarin). Our staff possess extensive experience in identifying and facilitating each child's unique learning style and needs, and prepare the environment/lesson plan to meet each child's needs.


"因材施教, 寓教于乐!" 是我们的宗旨.我们用我们的专业知识为孩子们营造轻松学习的环境, 鼓励,培养孩子成为一 个独立自主,自尊自重也能接纳及尊重他人,有信心,能独立思考解决问题,合群,乐于助人,不盲从,以及心中充满喜悦 ,祥和的人.我们希望可以用我们的爱去照亮孩子们纯净的眼眸,去抚摸孩子们纯真的心灵,同时也去感悟孩子们纯 洁的笑容。

Our curriculum is designed to invite our children to act and work on real life tasks that promote independence, coordination, order and concentration. It is, in a sense, the doorway to the curriculum. We carefully designed and demonstrated the material to help teach skills involved with caring for the environment and the self, to encourage responsibility, autonomy and to promote high self-esteem.
We implement a large variety of materials, including materials for phonetic analysis, word attack skills and reading, as well as materials for the refinement of motor control for writing. Language development is a very important concern of the entire classroom. There are also additional activities that promote communication skills, writing and reading readiness and foster children’ word bank.
The central purpose of the Math materials for preschoolers is to lay the foundation for later cognitive development and to prepare for the gradual transition to abstract thinking. Our children will work on hands on materials, our method will help them transform abstract concepts into connection, concrete concepts and therefore, understanding.
Science is an integral element of our curriculum. Among other things, it represents a way of life: a clear thinking approach to gathering information and problem solving. The scope of our science curriculum includes introduction to botany, zoology, physics, geology and astronomy. Our curriculum approaches to science cultivates children’s fascination with the universe and helps them develop a lifelong interest in observing nature and discovering more about our living world.
Sensorial is the base of all other areas of development. It is not only an aid to the development of maturing sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin) but a starting point for the intellectual growth. We offer various job activates and help children to order, compare and classify sensory stimulation. These jobs inspire careful observation and call attention to specific qualities requiring identification of similarities and contrasts. The mind must judge, compare, classify and draw conclusions. These exercises tend to fascinate children because they are difficult enough to represent a real and meaningful challenge. They are then better prepared for future learning in math, language, and science and making sense of life’s experiences and information in general.
On top of our regular curriculum, we also blend extra curriculum to our program to make it even more fun to our children. The following classes are currently offered at our center: CHINESE; DANCE / MOVEMENT; DRAWING; MUSIC