Happy Childhood School is a licensed bilingual (English and Chinese Mandarin) preschool center located in North San Jose, California. Our preschool program nurtures children from 2-6 years of age in a Montessori inspired environment. We committed to providing a carefully planned and a practice-and-learn environment to foster our children’s growth in all aspects. Our fun and stimulating approach to incorporate learning into every aspect of our daily activities allows our teachers to focus on our children’s needs and also helps them develop within themselves the fundamental habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas which are essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.



我们是位于北San Jose的一家中英文双语早教中心。我们的早教教室将具有悠久历史的Montessori (蒙氏) 教学法与传统教学法相结合为2岁至6岁的小朋友提供快乐的成长环境。 我们以中英文双语教学,培养幼儿语言,数学,文体艺术,科学,人际交往及独立性等多方面技能。通过正面鼓励,培养孩子们良好的学习,生活习惯, 为孩子们轻松迈进小学及以后的成功人生奠定坚实的基础。